Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen

Hello BCT lovers and supporters,

With in-person classes beginning again, plans are for the studio to have its own COMMUNITY KITCHEN—a pantry and refrigerator stocked with healthy snacks for all our hungry young actors.


Keeping the pantry supplied will depend on donations from volunteers and nobody shares resources better than the BCT community.


Because of COVID restrictions, BCT is not allowed to serve food inside the studio. So fully stocking the kitchen is not urgent. There is, however, an immediate need that BCT lovers and supporters can get behind. On Saturdays there a FREE class for 18 kids that runs from 11 to 5. BCT provides lunch to the children and that is where you come in. Sandwich platters, drinkable yogurt (or in pouches), and apples are best. Pizzas also work but are not as neat and easy to serve.


We are using a program called Meal Plan to manage the donations and to ensure that Saturday lunches are always covered. You can click into the Meal Plan calendar to fill a date on which you would like your $$ donation to be applied. Here’s the link:


Thanks so much for your help.

Mary Beth Aberlin


“thanks for fundraising!”


Jill and Jim Cornell
Mar 31, 2022
New York, United States

“Good luck to the Community Kitchen!”


Erin Texeira
Mar 31, 2022
New York, United States

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Mary Aberlin
New York, United States


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